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You're paying for keys in Rocket League at the moment.If we compare the new addition to banknote with previous offerings in Rocket Alliance, we first have to look at them for a moment. Let's start with the oldest offer to invest real money into Rocket League Crates the game: The Keys. With the objects, which are actually only ever called "Keys", various chests can be opened, which are randomly distributed to the players after online games. It costs:
If one compares these prices with the gradations in the eSport shop one will notice a similar arrangement of the costs. But what do you get for the invested euros? The boxes contain all items from "rare" to "exotic", "import" or "black market".
The latter category is the rarest item in the game, but theoretically can be obtained with 1.30 Euro. With an Adventitious of a single percent. The chances of the individual rarities are as follows https://www.lolga.com