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With river of blood near being published, it occurred to me it could be possible that Vanstrom is quite much alive. It would be an acronym for'I, Vanstrom'.Maybe a doppelganger is killed in Branches of Darkmeyer, or maybe the lord Vanstrom somehow got resurrected. This would mean that Vanescula isn't the last Drakan and they will cross the Salve and threathen Misthalin.
Theoretically, in the event that you must choose 1 part of rs lore to be accommodated into a film (animated or otherwise) by a professional studio, what would you choose? It may be anything in a quest to an early battle or to a historical event (such as the last part of Zaros' empire and it's denigration, end with Zamorak's betrayal). The film goes into detail about the various battles, and develop the barrows as characters.
He was freaking out'cause he stumbled being given a simularcum. How could you do this to Zaros? You're only as bad as Zamorak! Zaros is the god in-game, how can you not help him? Are you so blinded by your hatred of him that you would risk the Elders destroying all Gielinor simply to spite him? Are you really that petty? If Zaros dies, so does everybody else, that comes with you, why can't you comprehend that, you stupid?" He then realized he had been getting all worked up over pixels in a match, but he still kept on ranting, and it got me thinking...If you gave Zaros the mild simularcum in Fate of the Gods, would he die? Or would he make a fate worse than death? ~Queen Visenya, Sister and Consort to His Grace Aegon I Targaryen.
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