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Likewise I think ironmen shouldn't be paying anywhere that does not give huge amounts of alchables like Hydra/vorkath (which already have death penalties). While ToB ought to have a fee for mains, ironmen will not be gaining massive quantities of GP like mains would so they should not be taxed.The multiple planet option makes A LOT of sense. I died at kq once since my power flickered while my router reset and I lost net access. I'd prims, torture, bludgeon, bandos, ring of brimstone and much more sitting on the ground, but I had no clue what world I was on. Until I discovered my things I needed to hop the world down list.
Your point about the 15 minute timer makes no sense. You can get literally everywhere in RuneScape game in 15 minutes. There is no way it can enable you to lose your things unless you don't go to pick up them. In fact 15 minute in game time is a lot less strict than the present 60 minutes time. You come back the next day and can take a break after dying and pick your things up in peace. The current system forces you to play a couple more minutes shortly after dying to get your items back, which is especially bad if your death was brought on by host troubles.
Completly agree, I truly don't see why this has been released. Its so arbitrary, and I'm at the sub conscious daily and play RuneScape game daily and the only people I have been visiting asking for this are the Max PVM mains who wish to basically gate keep bossing and possess the prices of unique's rise.because the infant mechanisms everybody's trying to keep we're never part of RuneScape match. It was a safeguard to prevent DDOS issues. The death mechanics got ta go although we can argue details. PvM is safe.
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