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Simply because no one else has said it yet, I think your idea of holding out for a bit and then demanding a small runescape gold but significant amount of money is a pragmatic one. Other posters are right that if your client has been using this name in the UK since before this other company, they would be able to object to a trademark being granted and continue happily. But they might rather prefer 5k in the bank than a long, potentially expensive fight.
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Obviously this feels like this is just a stopgap measure, but the fact the September DXP weekend was early makes me think this was the plan all along. Possibly solidified by the terrible state of the economy (whether it does anything to help it is anyone guess). This better not be a symptom of the game imminent demise..
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In my opinion, equity would require the kid to undergo treatment, but at a less posh treatment facility. The money the parents save could be used to help the family of one of Ethan victims who is bedridden and unable to speak or given to a struggling treatment program that is focused on less affluent clients. In addition, this kid should have to do community service, preferably in some type of endeavor that would teach him about real life.
We seen for years joe and Pete compete with the best. And our guys getting recognised here, in wwe, makes us feel like that unified city with the years and years of support without the success for so long just feel fantastic. Super proud of everyone last night.This game is so clearly dying. Not in the sense that it will shut down necessarily but in the sense that updates will get released even slower and the player count will continue to drop. Jagex clearly does not give a shit about rs3 anymore. Fact checking groups and the media did at the time and they showed that bush would have won regardless. Yet the lie that Bush stole the election has continued for almost 12 years. Also just because President Bush didn speak as eloquently as Pres.
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