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No idea if Division 2 Boosting have announced winners but I'd love a chance to win a copy of Division 2. That's super cool that you just do giveaways.Brad, I remember watching your Skyrim videos back daily. I actually thought you were this man I worked with since him and you have like the same voice lol so just for fun, I asked him when he had a YouTube station of let us plays under an alias:P Of course he said no. . .So, in case your name is Kyle then simply don't respond to the comment and I will know:-RRB- Thanks for the vids, constantly quality and great choice/variety of matches.
Calling me a retard because I personally enjoy the division? You're a retard for not enjoying it lmao. I'm not just"accepting" anything, I'd love for games to be better, and I'm likely to pick this up one once the cost falls to what is acceptable for this. You are not eloquent, and you're not a blunt object like a sledgehammer either, you're a vegetable that hates on all without legal points to back you up, that is why you're losing this debate even though I agree that the game is not the best. Sorry you need to assume things about me because we have different tastes and because you are losing this argument, maintain hurling insults at me you little autist. Also, it's"you're not mad", not"your not insane". As in, you're a dumbass.
It's not a terrible game like me knows this isn't the game for me it is just a person. This is just a game marketed for a crowd of gamers that are casuals and hardcore no lifers that the formulation is simply so frequent and designed to be eye candy for much more cash and less content. Why are their vehicles, like. That. Would not the division 2 be greater if added features like going more and slipping around more for experiences. I mean frequent that this is an apocalypse style game are their Bows and arrows?If this is truly an RPG then not even one sword to carry?Doesent the hard core songs get annoying when you only need to walk round and explore.this sport is only guns a blazing with no real substance to using the environment to your advantage.
www.mmogo.com Yes.This is this!!
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