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This video is exaggerated. Yes, the chests are a problem but your playtime will not be limited by them as much as he is saying. Plus, he stated that you start off being able to amass 20 chests. This is inaccurate. You collect 10 chests in the start and you can pay to collect more chests with gems. Another thing is that he utilizes footage from a youtuber that is different and this leads me to feel he hasn't actually played The Elder Scrolls Blades at least when it got released to the beta testers.
I like how most of the comments are people complaining about people complaining that it's P2W and their defence for that is all mobile games are cover to win, no bad cellular games free to play with games in general are P2W good free to play matches are pay for convince/expression instance warframe it's possible to pay for materials except for grinning for these, paladins it's possible to pay for heroes and skins instead of grinning for gold that takes about 3 hours a champ depending on how great you are and even then they do possess all champs unlocked to allow you to try them from time to time not a fantastic system because champs are locked however as someone who played tf2 and overwatch I'm happy not to have snipers who don't understand what they are doing in every game, most of the madhouse games(mobile developer) just something to consider that they could earn money better and differently.
I managed to find a cracked version of fallout shelter that has been use that is offline but it gave one enjoy 1000 lunch boxes. Was far better way to perform The Elder Scrolls Blades than trying to grind the version. Hoping ill be able to do the same with The Elder Scrolls Blades. Idk guy Bethesda is performing some strange shit recently.As long as gamers are eager to function as cows to the gambling industry this evolution is only going to get worse. Personally I look elsewhere and simply forget about freemium companies. It's all about gaming's enjoyment and there are still a lot of businesses which serve my need.
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