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Application of LiCheng Hot Air Stenter :This stenter suits for weight arrange 50-700g/m2 cotton, wool, linen filament, silk etc. knitted or woven fabrics auxiliaries padding, stentering, drying and heat-setting.
Technical parameters of Hot Air Stenter
The main technical parameters
1.car type: right-handed or left-hand drive vehicles
2.Nominal width(W):1800-3600mm
3.Nominal speed:10-110m/min
4.Amplitude range : 700-(W-200)
5.Motor drag way: AC frequency conversion
7.Heat source: hot oil, gas (city gas, natural gas, water gas, liquefied petroleum gas), steam, electricity
6.Holding methods: needle plate or cloth iron
8.Falling cloth: mercy, package (diameter ≤ Φ1500m) dual-use
9.Rail Type: Oil-free steel rail or cast rail
10.Oven section number: 5-12 section
11.250°Oven temperature: up to 250 °
12.Installed capacity: about 15n + 55KW (excluding electric heating capacity)
13.Overfeed rate range: -20% + 80%
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