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Burning Crusade WOTLK Classic, in short, replicates World of Warcraft as it was in 2007. The initial Burning Crusade expansion introduced things such as the Outland, flying mounts, and two new races blood elves and draenei. However, later expansions do have their fans but - WOTLK Classic was released in November 2020 - some gamers consider Burning Crusade or the base World of Warcraft to represent an "golden period" that has a completely different gameplay. In the Burning Crusade WOTLK Classic pre-patch, all current WOTLK Classic realms are switching over the content they have, Blizzard notes. The company is also launch some brand new WOTLK Classic Era realms, which will remain locked to Azeroth in addition to the Shadow of the Necropolis patch which means that characters who reside in these realms will not have access to Outland or other Burning Crusade material. This Character Clone service creates a photo of every World of Warcraft character created prior to the patch, and offers players the option to play Progressions (Burning Crusade) or WOTLK Classic Era gameplay - but not both, in the event that a player pays an actual-world cost. Blizzard does not advertise the price in the moment, however, it informs its support team isn't able to reverse a single-track activation. A clone can be activated in both realm types following the fact, however. When players upgrade World of Warcraft to Burning Crusade The option of Progression as well as WOTLK Classic Era realms are available upon launch in Battle.net. Notablythough, previously deleted characters may be revived as clone, but each clone in a specific realm count toward that realm's character limit, including deactivated ones. Blizzard adds that the clones will be able to preserve their friends, their items along with mailbox and bank accounts when they switch on to WOTLK Classic Era removes all guild ties, even Guild Master designations. It is possible that some guilds will be pushed towards Burning Crusade. As you'd expect, characters created after the launch of Burning Crusade WOTLK Classic can't be cloned. The same goes for post-update updates. They can't be replicated to another realm type if both clones are enabled, regardless of when the character was first created. The various restrictions on WOTLK Classic players could result in a division but only time will tell the extent to which players would like Burning Crusade's games over the current form of WOTLK Classic. Get the fastest, safest and cheapest WoW WoTLK Classic Gold from thousands of reputable sellers in the industry visit https://www.p2pah.com/wow-wotlk-classic-gold.html