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Haziran 21, 2022
Nowadays, the replacement of household appliances is really fast. In the past few years, the traditional corded vacuum cleaner market was still very popular, but in recent years, since the cordless vacuum cleaner entered people's eyes, everyone began to quickly start. Because the cordless vacuum cleaner is really easy to use, and it is not tied down. Today, I will introduce to you what problems you need to pay attention to when purchasing a cordless vacuum cleaner! 1. Is the brush head fully equipped? Equipped with a full-featured brush head accessory means that the cordless vacuum cleaner is more powerful, allowing you to efficiently clean every hard-to-clean dead spot in your home. 2. With or without electric floor brush The electric floor brush drives the floor brush through an independent motor. The brush head runs at high speed to easily roll up dust and garbage, and at the same time remove the dirt on the ground deeply, which can absorb more dust and vacuum more thoroughly than traditional wired vacuum cleaners. 3. How about the quality of the battery Some of the inferior batteries on the market have very short lifespans and their capacity to hold power decreases over time. Cordless vacuum cleaners rely on battery charging to maintain work, so the battery's storage capacity directly affects the consumer's experience. A "powerful" cordless vacuum cleaner that can last for at least 20 minutes of cleaning time after a full charge. Fourth, whether the filter system Suction power is the primary consideration when purchasing a vacuum cleaner. Cyclone technology directly affects the suction power of cordless vacuum cleaners. Some cordless vacuum cleaners on the market have sharp dust bags and HEPA filtration, which are easy to block the dust bag, resulting in weak suction. The cordless vacuum cleaner with cyclone technology realizes the complete separation of dust and air through high-speed operation, and the suction power is strong and does not drop. The above is the relevant content about the elements of choosing a cordless vacuum cleaner, I hope it can be helpful to everyone! For wholesale household vacuum cleaners, please contact us! https://www.longwintech.com/product/cordless-vacuum-cleaner/ [img]http://www.gelbize.com/PF.Base/file/attachment/2022/06/0f59cf027b91a577875d67ac2f358724_view.jpg[/img]

Aralık 28, 2021
There are consumer tips about UV Dust Mite Controller. 1. Purchase mite removal equipment as needed. Consumers should be clear about their purpose of use when purchasing and make targeted purchases. Hand-held vacuum cleaners with mite removal nozzles have more comprehensive functions and better mite removal effects, but the price is generally higher. If consumers only need the function of removing mites, they can choose the products of mites removing instrument, which are relatively low in price. If you have already purchased a vacuum cleaner at home, you can consult the merchant to equip a suitable mite removal nozzle to increase the mite removal function. 2. Products with high rated power may not be effective in removing mites. The nominal rated power is not equal to the suction power. The actual mite removal efficiency is directly proportional to the suction power. Therefore, when choosing a mite removal electrical product, the first thing to consider is the rate of mite removal. 3. The sterilization function is not equal to the mite removal function. Although the ultraviolet function is attached to the mite removal instrument, the removal of dust mites mainly depends on suction. If you don't consider the sterilization function, you don't need to consider whether the product has an additional ultraviolet function when purchasing. 4. Choose easy-to-disassemble products. Try to choose products that are simple in structure, easy to disassemble and clean, and clean the dust box in time after use. 5. Increase the frequency of use to have a good effect of removing mites. To obtain a good effect of removing mites, the frequency of machine use can be increased, and the number of reciprocating suction should be increased for each use. 6. The experience of using cordless products is not necessarily good, so you should choose rationally. If the product's battery life is not good enough to guarantee continuous work, consumers might as well choose corded products. If you want to know more, you can click here: https://www.longwintech.com/product/dust-mite-vacuum-cleaner/ [img]http://www.gelbize.com/PF.Base/file/attachment/2021/12/cd145e1e6ccd76934b6f8861d15a8c9b_view.jpg[/img]

Temmuz 9, 2021
Should you buy a cordless vacuum cleaner or a corded vacuum cleaner? It mainly depends on your needs. suction Corded vacuum cleaners are plugged into the power source, so they usually (have stronger suction power and provide you with better results, especially on carpets. Therefore, corded vacuum cleaners are often suitable for large houses with many carpets, pets, and children. The cordless vacuum cleaner is powered by a battery, so when the battery starts to run out, the suction power of some cordless vacuum cleaners may decrease. A cordless vacuum cleaner with a high-performance battery will perform better. flexibility Wired vacuum cleaners are heavier and need to be plugged into a power source, so they are a bit clumsy. When changing rooms, you also need to move the wires. Very troublesome. The cordless vacuum cleaner is very light so you don't need to use cables at all, so you can easily vacuum the gaps and debris in cars, furniture, stairs, corners. It is very useful for quick cleaning. Battery Life If you have a wired vacuum cleaner, you don’t need to worry about battery life, which makes them ideal for households that require a lot of time to vacuum. Cordless vacuum cleaners have limited battery life and require charging. But high-end vacuum cleaners generally charge faster. Dust holding capacity A corded vacuum cleaner can hold more dust than a cordless vacuum cleaner, and it does not have to be emptied frequently. The capacity of cordless vacuum cleaners is small, so they need to be emptied more. in conclusion Whether a corded vacuum cleaner or a cordless vacuum cleaner is more suitable depends on factors such as your home, how big it is, how many carpets it has, and whether you have children or pets. If you are interested, please feel free to contact Ningbo Longwin Technology Co., Ltd. Providing corded handheld vacuum cleaner products, please feel free to contact us if you need it. longwintech.com

Temmuz 7, 2021
If you are a car lover, then I think you will not refuse a vehicle vacuum cleaner. Regular maintenance can better protect your car. If you wait until the car looks dirty and then clean it, it's a big project. The car has to accompany us every day. We need it when we go to and from get off work. We will eat in the car when we have something to do. After a long time, there will be a lot of dust and garbage in the car. Regular cleaning is very necessary. So what is an easy and quick way to clean it up? And, just like keeping a room clean, the most effective way to remove dust and debris is to use a car vacuum cleaner. Think of the hard-to-reach dust in a car. Then consider the remoteness of the car's usual location and the length of the vacuum cleaner's power cord. If you really want to keep your car interior clean, you need to buy a car vacuum cleaner that suits you. The in-car vacuum cleaner is portable and lightweight, and it is easy to hold. We may be too lazy to wash the car every week, but it takes a few minutes to pick up a lightweight vacuum cleaner and do simple cleaning. I think most of us can do it. And it is easy to use, as long as you follow the instructions, you can simply operate it, it is not as bulky as a large vacuum cleaner. If you are a car lover, it is worthwhile to buy a vacuum cleaner when you want to keep your car clean. Ningbo Longwin Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional vacuum cleaner manufacturer, provide car and home vacuum cleaners,please feel free to contact us if you need it. longwintech.com